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Texture Card

Texture Card

This texture card feature embossing on the paper so that users can perceive information by tactile.

All information has been converted into embossment such as black is concavity or red is convex. And all production processes are made hand by hand precisely & carefully by Japanese craftsmanship.

The cards are made by unique techniques for avoiding signs be exposed at the back side.

These features allow users play equally without support even though who are blind or not able to read braille like "you".


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  • Product Details

    • Material:  Paper (FSC-certified)
    • Design Right Registered
    • German Design Award 2020 / Winner
    • 意匠権登録済(登録第1640386号)
    • ドイツデザイン賞 2020 / Winner 受賞作品
  • Delivery Times

    • Deliver within 1-2 weeks
    • This product is HAND-MADE
  • Shipping Cost

    • Japan: FREE
    • Rest of the world: ASK
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