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熟成純生食パン 本多

Bakery HONDA

熟成純生食パン 本多

The bakery "Honda" is a flagship store in Himeji that sells only white bread which is being supervised by a famous patisserie in Japan. 

White wall & curve surfaces depict as an identity of Himeji Castle and 'whiter' bread made by special recipe, and iconic wooden shelf & purple with gold foil floor give high class and exquisite impression.

An array of colourful bags shows an unique sales style that exclusive shop of white bread.

Cooperated by Mattch Inc., as a project manager.

Photos by Nacasa&Partners.

Himeji city, JAPAN

Bakery HONDA



Compared to any other usual bakery, this unique sale style that purchasers come to pick up bag only after reservation in advance had been required much more iconic & eye catchy interior design, since it has a fast flow of purchasers. As well as, it needed to be recognised as a store of sells only delicious & high class white bread.


Therefore, since the restricted purchasing flow, I propopsed that display shopping bags in the store positively for aiming to establish brand.

Then it required to be made place to exhibit white bread iconically, delicious & high class. And more, it aimed that all designes would be inspired by environment of Himeji as birthplace for brand identity.

熟成純生食パン 本多
熟成純生食パン 本多


Arrayed of wall mounted sticks in order to display shopping bags itself could give purchasers more impact and impressive experiences in terms of brand identity, promotions, and advertisement.


Exhibiting white bread on the iconic wooden triangle lattice shelf inspired by geometrical pattern where seen in Japanese castle could allows them to have impression of high class, delicious, and exquisite product. And this identified shelf has simple structure with considering to extend the market in future.


White wall with curved surfaces and royal purple floor with splashed gold foils can give visitors exraordinary experience.

熟成純生食パン 本多
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