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POM handrail light

POM handrail light

POM handrail light

The "POM handrail light" is an entrance handrail with a detachable torch. It guides you & your family safety in case of emergency like a disaster.

"POM" stands for Peace of Mind, this torch is programmed switching to using battery power in case of AC power would be shut down instead of the light usually using AC power.

It features that implements intending to make the most of function in an emergency even though designed for daily life products.

Client : Enomoto hardware Inc.,
Job Part : Product Design, and Visual Communications.

POM handrail light
(Work in Progress)


WHY / context


Nobody wish disaster would happen, but occurs suddenly.

An entrance particularly at residence may work as a way out to escape in case of emergency. And lighting products will guide inhabitants to escape safely both in terms of physically and mentally.

In this case, a common occurrence of like, "can't find a torch! or battery had died out!" should not be happened and have to be solved. 

HOW application 


AC power
as an ambient light


as a torch

For that reason, in an everyday life, the torch was designed as an ambient light with motion detector which uses AC power source.
And this light was programmed to switch to battery in case of AC power will be shut down. At the same time, colour temperature changes warm to cold in order to notify "emergency". The light unit is designed for just "easy pull-to-go" to carry.

Handrail can be used for a bar to keep hooking like survival kit bags.

WHAT / implementation

This ambient lighting product unlike mere torch allows inhabitants to usual usage as an entrance welcome light. Battery is general battery AA so that users can replace easily.
When using as a torch, it can be used like a lantern thanks to leather strap.

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