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Paddle Sugar

Paddle Sugar

Paddle Sugar

Cooperated with Susumu Kawai

Prototype (Work In Progress)

Paddle Sugar

This product, "Paddle Sugar", is the kayak's paddle-like coffee sugar & stir sticks caring for environment.

It was designed for a one solution of the issue that large amounts of disposable stir sticks have being consumed "just for stirring" in the world.

By combining with two behaviours that adding sugar and stirring, we believe that it could reduce the amount of waste by half.

Material : Paper (water proof coated) / Sugar


Paddle Sugar
Paddle Sugar

This design was focused on that the unconsciousness critical issue of that being consumed large amounts of disposable stir sticks in the world.

By analising behaviours to drinking coffee & tea, we simply noticed that adding sugar and stirring are always a pair behavour.

Therefore, we thought it could be saved resources by half due to added feature of stirring to sugar sticks itself.


For the purpose to be seen more friendly & simply towards this issue, it required to be designed as understandable & acceptable shapes to tear down itself for pouring sugar and to stir.

"Paddle-like" shape gives users to be able to know clearly as a form of stir, as well as, it has simply one cutting line at the top to tear down for pouring sugar.

In addition, colourful package was designed for friendly shape like a kayak. It is suitable for gift, cafe, and like other shops.

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