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Product / 
Dressing Rail for Kids

This rack series for kindergarten has a minimal looking but all products are composed to common aluminium extrusion parts.

Its series vary in purpose from single stand, double stand, and wall-mounted types.

The hooks on the rail are easy slide for adjusting space and number of them to suite any condition.

Rounded and vivid colour end caps are carefully designed in order to pay attention to its edges for kids' safety.


Product / 
ACRYLIC Furniture

Acrylic furniture series are composed to sophisticated common parts, that transforms into shelf, table, and tray.

Edges of the plate made of acrylic resin is bended for stiff, as well as for steady to structure of the shelf and table.


Product / 
POM handrail light

The "POM handrail light" is an entrance handrail with detachable torch. It guides you & your family safety in case of emergency like a disaster.

"POM" stands for Peace of Mind, this product is programmed switching to using battery power in case of AC power would be shut down instead of usually using AC power.

It features that implements intending to make the most of function in an emergency even though designed for daily life product.


Interior / 

Lighting Art Panel

The apartment “Scenes Otemae”manufactured by Osaka Gas Urban Development Inc., is located exclusively at tableland in Osaka where is well known for a historical area. 
Decorative lighting panel has been inspired by this unique area and waterfront city. 
It features a surface of the river and history of Osaka express by a light guide plate and patina bronze, changes colours slightly as time goes by.
It allow owners to feel the stream of time.


Products / 


“Somewhere” is a foldable coffee table made by rational and natural structure, as well as, its every single detail was created by refinement craftsman hand by hand. The purpose of this furniture is getting back to origin of function as a furniture, at the same time a message to the standard making process “mass production”. All design elements have intention to support to each other naturally against loads. And every process of production has been made carefully by Japanese craftsmanship without any huge machines and facilities for mass production. “Somewhere” is more than just coffee table, elegant concept and structure allows owners to use various scene regardless of interior or exterior.

Products & Brand Direction / 

GOLDBLU lamp series &


LESS THAN 600 is a portable freestanding lamp which is inspired by a Japanese traditional craft "Kanazawa Gold Leaf" with application of modern lighting technologies such as a dimmer LED.

These features enable to carry anywhere like shelf, bed side, low table, outdoor and so on.

It allows to have a mystical moment by dual aspect of the shining golden reflector inside, and the sphere emitting slightly blue-green light outside. 

Exhibited at "BAMBOO EXPO 11" in Tokyo.

Products / 

Texture Cards

This texture cards feature embossing on the paper so that users can perceive information by sense of touch only.

All information has been converted into embossment such as black is concavity and red is convex. And all production processes are made hand by hand precisely & carefully by Japanese craftsmanship.

These features allow users play equally without support even though who are blind or not able to read braille like "you".

German Design Award 2020 "Winner"

Exhibited at "Milan Design Week 2019" in Milan.

Branding & Products / 


metal meshes

Courtesy of ARCHIXXX

The metal meshes for interior decorative materials feature fineness & precisely being weaved metal threads by means of unique high technologies.

Exhibited at "DESIGN INSPIRE 2018" in Hong Kong.

Interior /

Guest house in Ishigaki Island

"Guest house ISHIGAKI HIVE", located in Ishigaki island Japan, is for those who are mainly backpackers & teenagers. Each bed has semi-private area where allows groups to communicate with each other.

Been on the Italian design blog "Basil Green Pencil".

 Interior /

Bakery HONDA

The bakery "Honda" is a flagship store in Himeji that sells only white bread which is being supervised by a famous patisserie in Japan. 

Been in the issue July 2018 of "SHOTEN KENCHIKU".

 Product /

Paddle Sugar

Paddle Sugar is a concept product caring for environment as the one idea for protect limited natural resources. It combines 2 products of sugar stick and stirrer that means 50% reduction in refuse. We need to know our foolish greed that mass production generously use physical natural resources, on the other hand, we hesitate to use imaginary money for something band new challenges.

 Product /


German Design Award | ドイツデザイン賞
iF Design Award | iFデザイン賞

STOK laundry is a multi-purpose detachable washing line from wall-mounted hooks. It designed for using in tiny space such as hallway, bathroom where has dead space.

German Design Award 2018 / Winner

iF Design Award 2016

​ドイツデザイン賞 / iFデザイン賞 受賞