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We believe that a narrative & meaningful design in the best proportion of the aesthetic to function brings wholesome society.


Pivot Stool

Collaborated with : ​Apple Jack,  Sakato Chair Co.

An ergonomic stool but well balanced proportion of the aesthetic to function named Pivot Stool is designed for adapting all kinds of different seat position without restricting body movement.

The simple but iconic shape stool consists of three simple parts truncated cone, wooden concave pedestal, and upholstered pouf.

Its ball joint-like upholstered pouf allow keep an angle while sit on it due to friction between material.

This feature enable to leading to right sitting position, or finding relax position. 

BUDDY bench & wagon


These iconic, BUDDY series, are multifunctional furniture such as bench, ladder, table, trolley, desk, and more that helps owner's lifestyle as well as provides creativity at agile workspace or personal space.

This bench features combines 3 different furnitures that clean wooden bench, 2 steps ladder, and equipped swivel table looking go through the top board. The wagon is personal furniture which was inspired by R2-D2 of a most popular film Star Wars that has a character of being helpful at any situation such as at desk, table, sofa, kitchen, and more.

The wagon has vary selection and can be replaceable easily.

CTO Lever Handle

Collaborated with : UNION DOOR TECH Co.,Ltd.

CTO lever handle is a customisable lever handle for those who are a new owner of a luxury brand GRANDE MAISON while dealing a new flat. The lever composes common base and vary replaceable pad comes in a range of selection of such as textured metal, upholstered with genuine leather, or ultrasuede. Pad design will be able to continue extending variation for widen selection with using unique locking system to common base. These features deliver owners to individualise their flat and achieve its proper brand.

Dressing Rail for Kids

Client : PAX industry Inc,.

This rack series for kindergarten has a minimal looking but all products are composed to common aluminium extrusion parts.

Its series vary in purpose from single stand, double stand, and wall-mounted types.

The hooks on the rail are easy slide for adjusting space and number of them to suite any condition.

Rounded and vivid colour end caps are carefully designed in order to pay attention to its edges for kids' safety.

German Design Award 2024 "Winner"

German Design Award 2020 winner