STOK laundry / detachable washing lines

STOK laundry / detachable washing lines

STOK laundry is a multi-purpose detachable washing line from wall-mounted hooks. It designed for using in tiny space such as hallway, bathroom where has dead space. It engineered for installing maximum angle of 60 degrees diagonally, so that it also allows you to use them at the corner where tend to become wasted spot. And hooks can be used as a general hook when main units are not in use. The soap-like shaped main units features the friendly, seamless design that are gentle on your hand.


More about STOK laundry

  • Product details

    • Dimensions: 76mm x 42mm x 78mm
    • Materials: Plastic (ABS), Aluminium, Strong fiber rope
    • Colours: White
    • Maximum loads: 5.0kg
    • Maximum length of rope:  2.0m
  • Packaging

    • Starter Pack : Main unit, 2 Hooks, Screws, Hex key
    • 2 Hooks ONLY : 2 Hooks, Screws, Hex key
  • Shipping Cost

    • Japan : Free Deliver
    • Rest of the world : 2,500 JPY
  • Delivery Times

    • Ships within a week