LESS THAN 600 with Code

LESS THAN 600 with Code

LESS THAN 600 is the one of the new lighting product series "GOLDBLU lamp" which was borned by Japanese be-spoke lighting product factory "Yahiro electronics Inc" and Japanese Gold leaf brand "GOLDEN VALOR".

This lighting product is a freestanding lamp which is inspired by a Japanese traditional craft "Kanazawa Gold Leaf" with application of modern lighting technologies such as a LED.

It allows to have a mystical moment by dual aspect of the shining golden reflector inside, and the sphere emitting slightly blue-green light outside.


"GOLDBLU lamp"シリーズは、青や緑などの波長の短い光を吸収する金の特性を活かし、伝統的な製法で作られる金沢箔にしか発生しない、その青緑の光が透けて見える照明シリーズ。"LESS THAN 600"は様々な場所やシーンで使いやすい、現代のライフスタイルに合わせた小型スタンドライトです。

  • Product details

    • Dimensions: D: Φ15 x H: 17 cm
    • Specs: LED E17, Dimmer
    • Materials: Gold leaf, Glass, Stainless steel
    • Colours: Matt Black, Matt White, Forest Green, Royal Red
  • Product warranty

    1 Year

  • Shipping

    • Ships within 5-7 days (Japan ONLY)
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